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Contract Drafting

  • Business Contracts
  • Website Policies
  • IP Contracts

Virtual Legal counsel Plan

  • Monthly Plan
  • Quarterly Plan
  • Half Yearly Plan


  • Startup Agreements
  • Internet Policies
  • Standard Commercial Contracts

About me

I am a common law qualified Corporate IP lawyer. I started working in the legal industry in 2015 and have worked in multiple jurisdictions, India, UAE, and the USA. My journey has taken me from an IP law firm to a PI law firm, Legal Tech to Health & fitness Startups and a Global corporate in the FMCG sector.

I help startups and small-medium business owners based out of Australia, Canada, India, UAE, UK & USA. I am the founder of the Dubai Legal Professionals, a LinkedIn group of lawyers and law students in UAE that I manage that gives me a broad networking group. I am currently working out of my home based office in the world’s most beautiful village.

The idea for Your Virtual Legal Counsel came while working remotely during 2020 as the Sole Legal Counsel for a VC backed Startup. Whilst working remotely for over a year many business owners and entrepreneurs would ask me to assist them with contracts and legal queries. This is where the idea of being a Virtual Legal Counsel came about to fill a gap of receiving legal services on a fractional basis and with the personalized touch for startups.

I work like in-house counsel would, I will bring you legal solutions that make sense for your business from a commercial aspect.

ryan Mendonca



Contract Drafting

An expert at drafting contracts for various business purposes. Delivers well thought out, industry specific agreements that are tailored to how your business operates. These carefully drafted legal documents are going to be clear, concise and customizable. My contracts aim to protect you and your business interests. Below is a list of frequently drafted agreements that I specialize in. Go ahead and select the appropriate contracts that you need for your business:

  • Partnership or shareholders Agreement
  • Management & Operations Agreement
  • Master Service Agreement
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Employment Contracts
  • Website/Mobile-App/Software Development Agreement
  • Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Copyright Notice & Disclaimer
  • Terms and Conditions/Terms of use Policy
  • Shipping, Return or Refund Policy
  • Affiliate Marketing Agreement
  • Inventions Assignment Agreement or Transfer Agreement
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)
  • Licensing or Franchising Agreement
  • Contract Manufacturing Agreement
  • Exclusive Distribution Agreement

Virtual Legal Counsel Plan

I will act as your virtual legal counsel on a part-time basis to consult on all legal and commercial issues that your business requires on a monthly basis. You will be purchasing pre-decided blocks of hours that is appropriate for your business. You can be assisted from a 360 degree perspective as if you have an in-house legal counsel for your startup. As an outsourced General Counsel all legal and commercial matters will be managed, in-house, including corporate structuring, drafting standard agreements, legal research, reviewing contracts and negotiating terms.

  • A Pre-paid Block = 10 hours
  • Minimum Number of Pre-paid Blocks:
    Monthly Plan = 1 Block
    Quarterly Plan = 3 Blocks
    Half Yearly Plan = 6 Blocks
  • Purchased Pre-paid Block of hours must be consumed before the month expires.
  • Additional Blocks must be purchased post-consumption of hours.
  • The additional time that spills over a Pre-paid Block will be billed at the end of the month.


Are you a startup, a small business owner or an entrepreneur with a website or app and are you looking to get your legal in line, then you have come to the right place. I have taken the liberty to put together a total package of legal documents that you would need to get your business up to speed.

  • Non-disclosure Agreement
  • IP Assignment Agreement
  • Shareholder’s Agreement
  • Co-founder’s Agreement
  • Employment Contract
  • Service Agreement
  • Website/Mobile App/Software Development Agreement
  • License Agreement
  • Terms and Conditions/Terms of use
  • Shipping, Return and Refund Policy
  • Copyright Notice
  • Privacy Policy
  • Cookie Policy
  • Disclaimer
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Master Services Agreement
  • Sales Purchase Agreement
  • Distribution Agreement
  • Lease Agreement

I provide legal services with a personal touch by going the extra mile to understand my client’s business, and putting the legal documents in context with my client’s business. I draft documents that help protect businesses, are legally compliant and allows owners to focus on growing their startup. My drafts are concise, clear and customisable for future use. You rest assured knowing that your virtual legal counsel has got your back!

I offer a direct means of communication, to your legal counsel, no assistants, no receptionists. My services are reasonable and significantly less in comparison to a law firm, full-time legal counsel and more reliable instead of getting a cookie cutter template from the internet. This is not only going to be light on your firm’s finances. I offer flat fees, short-term plans and unbundled packages, which also reduce the cost to the client.

Professional and Experienced Corporate Legal Advisor

Why Choose Me?

  • Track record of providing legal advice to mitigate risks.​
  • Extensive Experience In Commercial Transactions.​
  • Strong Negotiation Skills And Strategies.​​
  • Expert Level Contract Drafting Skills.​


Legal Consultations Provided



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